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Farmers Union Education

  • Develop leaders.

  • Develop the values of the social responsibility and political activism for good citizenship in a democratic society.

  • Teach tolerance, brotherhood and the peaceful settlement of differences.

  • Teach about cooperatives and cooperative principles.

  • Teach consensus-building skills and a team approach to problem solving.

  • Teach the importance of a family farm agricultural structure as the cornerstone of our democratic society and the ways in which we can preserve it.

  • Teach about the social and economic forces in our country and the world, to enable family farmers and ranchers to determine the best course of action to follow to achieve prosperity and a better rural life.

  • Teach the importance of legislative action to achieve economic democracy that, in turn, safeguards political democracy.

  • Teach the value of a strong Farmers Union which best serves the needs of family farmers and ranchers, and how members can actively participate to make sure Farmers Union always remains a dynamic and effective organization.

  • Instill a sense of pride in our youth in their rural heritage and membership in Farmers Union.