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Youth receive Torchbearer Award
By Communications Director

2014 Torchbearer Recipients; Laura Amacher, Haley Moseng, Caleb Schmitz, Jacob VanDerPol, Kaitlyn Kowalski, Meghan Osterbauer, Aandra Fitzer and Jake MagnellST. PAUL (November 25, 2013)  Minnesota Farmers Union gave out its Torchbearer award at their 72nd annual state convention.  In order to be eligible to win the Torchbearer Award, the youth needed to be involved with the Farmers Union education program for at least four years.  Each individual also attended the Farmers Union All-States Leadership Camp, which is where individuals who have distinguished themselves as leaders meet with other Farmers Union youth from throughout the country in Bailey, Colorado at the National Farmers Union Education Center.

The award winners were: Jacob VanDerPol, son of Josh & Cindy VanDerPol from Kerkhoven; Aandra Fitzer, daughter of Betty & Rob Fitzer from North Oaks; KateLynn Kowalski, daughter of Mike & Mary Kowalski from East Grand Forks; Caleb Schmitz, son of Terry Schmitz & Bob Thompson from New London; Meghan Osterbauer, daughter of Tony & Janeen Osterbauer from De Graff; Jake Magnell, son of Toni Magnell from Oklee; Laura Amacher, daughter of John & Gina Amacher from St. Paul; Holly Ricard, daughter of Steve & Maureen Ricard from Benson; and Haley Moseng, daughter of Brent Moseng from Dawson.

“Receiving the Torchbearer Award is a great accomplishment and one that these youth should be greatly proud of,” said Doug Peterson, Minnesota Farmers Union President.  “I sincerely congratulate them on their achievement and thank them for being a dedicated member of the Minnesota Farmers Union family.”

Since the 1930's, becoming a Torchbearer marks the conclusion of a Farmers Union young person's work in the youth program, and the commencement of his/her participation in adult Farmers Union activities.