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Peterson returns from North American Continental Dialogue on Family Farming
By Communications Director

ST. PAUL (April 9, 2014) Minnesota Farmers Union President Doug Peterson returns from Quebec and the North American Continental Dialogue on Family Farming as part of the International Year of the Family Farmer.


“As 2014 is the International Year of the Family Farmer, it’s important to gather farmers from all of North America to discuss the challenges they face, and how beginning farmers, and the next generation of family farmers remain profitable,” said Doug Peterson, Minnesota Farmers Union President.  “Communication on government policy and its impact on trade and concentration are similar to problems identified by the World Farmers Organisation as affecting the 500 million family farmers in worldwide.”


Items discussed during the meeting included:

·         resiliency of family farmers in North America;

·         current realities of education and communication with consumers about family farming in the United States,            Canada, and Mexico;

·         local, state, national and international policies and its impact on farmers in each country;

·         issues relating to access to credit, land and other factors of production;

·         food security and the role of women as family farmers;

·         issues relating to manpower, succession, technological and economical performance, agri-environment, and             training and consulting services on the farm; and

·         issues relating to marketing.