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MFU sets priorities for legislative session
By Communications Director

ST. PAUL (January 8, 2013) - With grassroots input from its farmer-membership, Minnesota Farmers Union (MFU) has set priorities for the 2013 legislative session. 

“The number one issue for Minnesota Farmers Union this session at the Capitol is addressing tax issues in rural areas,” said Doug Peterson, MFU President.  “MFU will work with the Dayton Administration and legislators to find common sense solutions to address issues around property, estate, sales, income and deprecation taxes.”

In addition to addressing property tax concerns, MFU will be working on legislation promoting and supporting local foods, health care, farmer-lender mediation and energy.

Two other big concerns MFU hopes to address this session are the continuation of a gray wolf hunting/trapping season, and legislation supporting the creation of an Agriculture Water Quality Certification Program.

These are just some of the issues MFU will be working on in the 2013 legislative session.  Also, these are the issues MFU members will be talking to legislators about when they head to the state Capitol on Tuesday January 29, for their annual lobby day.