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MFU pleased COOL law upheld
By Communications Director

ST. PAUL (July 31, 2014) – Minnesota Farmers Union (MFU) policy has long supported country of origin labeling (COOL), that is why MFU is pleased by the District Court of Appeals’ decision to deny an appeal to halt the enforcement of COOL.


“Time and time again, multinational meatpackers and foreign competitors try to stop COOL, and once again the courts have agreed with popular opinion - consumers deserve to know where their food is coming from,” said Doug Peterson, Minnesota Farmers Union President. “MFU applauds the court’s decision because of its importance to family farmers and labeling their home-grown products, and for the consumer’s right to be educated about where their food comes from and to make buying decisions based on this knowledge.”


By a 9-2 majority, the Court upheld an earlier 3-judge panel decision to deny an appeal to halt the enforcement of the popular labeling law, passed in 2008.  The court ruled that “several aspects of the government’s interest in country-of-origin labeling for food combine to make the interest substantial: the context and long history of country-of-origin disclosures to enable consumers to choose American-made products; the demonstrated consumer interest in extending country-of- origin labeling to food products; and the individual health concerns and market impacts that can arise in the event of a food-borne illness outbreak.”


MFU will continue to fight and protect COOL.