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MFU disappointed by SNAP cuts!
By Communications Director

ST. PAUL (September 20, 2013) Minnesota Farmers Union is disappointed the House of Representatives decided to cut $40 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and deny four million Americans benefits with the passage of H.R. 3102, the Nutrition Reform and Work Opportunity Act of 2013.

“When 1 in 6 people in rural America as well as 1 in 6 people in urban areas use SNAP, and with nearly 99 percent of all SNAP households with disposable income which leaves them in poverty, I am disappointed that members of the House of Representatives chose to make these cuts to hungry and needy individuals,” said Doug Peterson, Minnesota Farmers Union President. “I hope the House will now appoint conferees so the farm bill can be conferenced and that members of the House of Representatives quit biting the hand that feeds them!”

Minnesota Farmers Union believes the nutrition title and farm programs should be together in one piece of legislation. MFU thanks Representatives Peterson, Ellison, McCollum, Walz and Nolan for voting against the nutrition and farm program split.