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F.B. Daniel passes
By Communications Director

F.B Daniel, long-time Farmers Union employee and advocate has recently died.  He was a field representative and manager of member relations for Farmers Union Central Exchange, executive director for Iowa Farmers Union and staff of Minnesota Farmers Union for 14 years. 

The book, More Than a Farm Organization, Farmers Union in Minnesota, was a labor of love for F.B., and by all accounts, would not have been written if it wasn’t for F.B.’s perseverance and dedication.  In the book, former MFU & National Farmers Union President Cy Carpenter stated, “ In the history of Farmers Union and service to farm families and Cooperatives, no one has served with more commitment and personal contribution than F.B. Daniel… he is a model…”

MFU President Doug Peterson stated, "Thank you F.B. for your tireless work for family farmers and cooperatives everywhere. We thank you for your efforts and passion and are sad to see you go. You will be missed."